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Hi and welcome to Misty's page 

This page is dedicated to Misty, my first basset hound. She was born in Wales on 27th May 1992 and sadly left us, far too soon, on 10th February 2004.  We still miss her a lot but her memory stays on in our hearts and we know that she is now young, happy and pain-free again, at the Rainbow Bridge. Misty had a wonderful life, or so we like to think; she was spoilt rotten and was very much loved. However, she did have serious health problems later in life. At the age of 8 she started to have back problems, with a herniated disk. 6 months later she started having epileptic fits.  That was really traumatising for us. A couple of times she had 16 fits in a day and we almost lost her, but we have a wonderful vet who pulled her through. Thanks to him (and all the medication she took) we had a few more years with her, .  Sadly, all the medication ended up getting the better of her.

 This is her story... in her own ‘words’, so to 'woof' : 

I'm not really a jet-setter (I've never been on a plane) but I have travelled a lot. Some of the countries visited include Italy (including Sicily and Sardinia) Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Greece, Greek Islands, UK, and of course, France, where I live.  I am quite a good sailor - I only went green once - that was a rough crossing from Crete to Santorino.

I even had a successful show career!  I was bought as a pet, but as I had all the necessary papers they decided to take me along to have my pedigree confirmed (that's how things work in France).  I was taken along to a dog show. It was just for fun, out of curiosity (or so they said).  I passed my test and had my official papers of "show dog".  So, do they stop there?  No! We go to another dog show and I won 4th prize.  Big deal.  Well, I suppose it wasn't that bad - I did get to discover pigs' ears!    We got to visit all over France and we even went to Italy, Germany and Austria.  I am now retired, no more shows, but I still get my pigs' ears. 


For a pet, I reckon I did very well.  Out of 50 shows I brought home 43 excellents. I was placed in the first three 23 times!  I even had 2 international certificates and three nationals. But ... I could never be a champion here in France - for that you have to hunt.  Imagine me running after a poor little bunny rabbit????  I am a pacifist (okay, and a bit lazy).

My main occupations in life are SLEEPING, eating, sleeping, eating... etc. Mum says I'm very lazy.  I don't like getting up in the mornings. I definitely don't like going for walks.  We have such a comfy sofa at home. It seems such a waste leaving it empty!  I also like cats.  I have learnt that they are very useful allies - there are always food bowls lying around. Advice: try and get your owners to take you to houses where there are cats - it's great fun going around cleaning up their bowls and you are contributing to keeping the house tidy.

They always take me on holidays with them which I suppose is quite natural, really - I can't see them enjoying their holidays without me there. I only missed out twice - that was before they changed the quarantine laws for the UK.  I stayed with friends and had a great time, but don't tell mum - she thinks I was all sad and missing her (tee! hee!).

Quand j'ai eu des problèmes de dos mes maîtres m'ont acheté ce wagon aux Etats Unis. Shhhh, faut pas dire que je suis gâtée!

Et en plus, sur un site aux Etats Unis j'étais la STAR pendant une semaine !!!!!!!!

This is the most beautiful place in the whole world - well, I think so and so does my mistress!

Lake Cregenan - North Wales

Quand mes maîtres se sont mariés, c'était MOI le personnage le plus important ! J'étais la demoiselle d'honneur et j'avais la responsabilité des anneaux !!!!!!!)

Recently I inherited a "sister". I wish they'd thought of that earlier !

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