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Who am I ?

Here I am with Polly and  Penny

Misty - Me stubborn? Never !

Vénus and Hercule (top to bottom) 

Originally I created this site to show my basset collectibles but now I have stories to tell about Misty, Penny, Polly, Vénus and Hercule.  I still have my collection but as we have not moved I've had to slow down drastically.  Our appartement hasn't grown, so I have no more room to fit things in. Ok, maybe another card or two ..

Hi !  I’m Eleri and I have been a basset mum since 1992. I have the visor to prove it ! Thanks to Cookie and Pawcasso Blossom.

My first basset, Misty, was born on the 27th of May 1992 in Wales. Little did I know then where this tiny bundle of fur would lead me over the coming years.  When I first saw Misty I immediately fell in love with her, she had such a long body, such short legs, ears that swept the ground and enough skin to cover two or three dogs! I knew nothing about bassets, but I quickly learnt that they are very stubborn!

Over the years my love for bassets has just grown and grown. I always was a collector. As a child I collected stamps, then horse figurines, postcards, beer mats, etc, etc… So, I suppose it was only natural that I’d eventually end up collecting basset « crap » (this is the affectionate term used by my friends on the Daily Drool). Of course, none of my basset items are « crap », they are as valuable to me as the Penny Black would be to a philatelist, or the Mona Lisa to an art collector. 

My collection started when mum gave me a porcelain basset for Christmas 1992.  From then on the collection just grew and grew. Wherever I went, be it on holiday, to dog shows, or just in local shops, I was always looking out for basset « souvenirs ».

By the year 2003 our tiny apartment was getting rather crowded and I began to find that I was buying items I already had. So, we redecorated the apartment and I started to organise all my « bassets ». Everything was photographed, numbered and scanned onto the computer. It was then that I realised just how much « crap » there actually was and the idea came to me that it might be fun to create a virtual basset museum.  

The main part of the collection has become the cards (taking less space in an already crowded apartment). I have over 6000 cards to date. If you have any that you do not see here, I’d be very happy to exchange cards with you.

There are also plenty of other things, such as figurines, tee-shirts, egg cups, cookie cutters, a teapot, money boxes, clocks, wind chimes, clothes, books etc.  The list is exhaustive. I’ll leave you to browse through and discover my museum for yourselves.


Enjoy the visit

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