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Hi, my name is Hercule and even if I do say so myself, I am rather dishy ! Actually, everyone else says so, too  so I’m just repeating what everyone else says !


I ended up here because my previous owner could no longer look after me. She loved me very much but her life style led us to part company. Originally I came here on a temporary basis. I had a new home to go to and was just waiting for the right transport arrangements.  I was « in transit ».  Lots of people mobilized themselves to help me cross France to my new home – cars, trains, cars …. A long and tiring trip, but what an adventure !


Finally I arrived in my new home and everyone was great but unfortunately there was a slight hic – one of the resident dogs took an instant dislike to me. I’m a friendly guy but in no way shy, so when this nasty dog started swearing at me, I swore back !  Normal, no ? They tried everything to make us become friends but it didn’t work.  So, I ended up back in rescue – not in the same place, somewhere else. It was great there, lots of friends to play with.


One day, I had a wonderful surprise. A familiar smell came to my nostrils – those people who had taken me in and organised my adventure were stood in front of me ! WOW ! Even old Venus was there !  Then, the biggest surprise of all – they kidnapped me !  They bundled me in their car, alongside Venus and we drove all the way back ‘home’ !  Great – I could go back to the woods and see all the friends I had made, again.


I love going to the woods – we go every morning. I’ve lots of friends there and I love to run and play with them. Some people say that I have a fault (I don’t agree with them) – I bark a LOT when I’m playing.  It’s my way of explaining to my friends that they have to run so that I can chase them ! That’s the way I like to play.


Unfortunately, not long after I had been back here I had a little accident – I lost the sight in my left eye. They took me to see a specialist and the verdict fell – glaucoma. Apparently the other eye is affected also but I am being given all the best treatment and we hope that I can continue to see a bit for as long as possible.


My best friend in the woods is Molly. She’s a young cocker spaniel and we play and play. She’s very naughty – she loves playing in puddles ! I don’t see her every day and on the days when we don’t meet I am a bit disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, I have lots of other friends, but she is special.

when I arrived here I was just a teeny bit on the "large" side!  I went on a strict diet and lost 12 kilos !  I feel so much better now.

Our "team" (you'll notice that Molly's there too)

Another good reason for going to the woods - there are some really great people out there who are very generous with their treats.  Believe me, we know them all !

My 'super' friend Molly - She deserve two photos, don't you reckon?

Don't forget: it's always important to keep in touch :)))

I'm hiding. You can't see me!

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