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They called me "Frankenbasset"!  There are other scars but somewhere a lady would not want to show !!!!!

Hi, my name is Venus and I am beautiful !!! (I must be, my name says so !).


I arrived here by accident.  I had a great home but I sensed there was something not quite right. My mistress was not so young and she was no longer able to look after me. She contacted the French rescue organisation, Un Cœur sous l’Oreille, and they decided to help me find a new home. I was 10 years old and this was not the first time I’d had to move. Strange what life hands out.


Anyway, one day I was busy doing nothing in my garden when this car showed up with a couple and another basset, Polly. I politely went over to check them out and say hello, then went back to what I was doing. They went in the house to talk with my owner. When they were leaving they called me over to say goodbye, so I thought. I went over and all of a sudden I found myself sitting alongside Polly in the car !


I’m quite a laid back basset, nothing phases me. I didn’t even say goodbye to my mistress (actually, she didn’t say goodbye to me either). We arrived in my new home and that was fine. Polly was great, showed me around and then left me too it. She’s much older than me.  Actually, we did not stay together very long. She had to go on a long trip, somewhere called the Rainbow Bridge to meet up with her sister Penny. So, I was here all alone. Not a problem – as I said I’m very laid back. Anything goes. I go to the woods, meet friends, sniff around – life goes on.


When I arrived here I was taken to meet my new vetman. Hmmm ! Next day I went back for the day. When I came home I looked like Frankenstein’s daughter (did he have a daughter ?)  Seems I had lots of lumps all over that had to be removed.  I survived.


Everybody likes me. I even had my photo taken by a Professional photographer for FREE !!!! I think he did a good job.


Recently I acquired a brother – Hercule.  I’ll let him tell you his story in his own words. He’s nice and we get on fine. He’s a bit noisy in the woods, though !

This is the photo that the photographer took of me. Not bad, eh?  Thanks John FAUX

Don't forget: it's always important to keep in touch :)))

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