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Penny and Polly adored each other. They were always together and I often called them my siamese twins.  Here are a few photos just to show you what I mean!

Penny is sleeping literally on top of Polly!

We are innocent.

We have done NOTHING wrong. Honestly!

Great pillow

It wasn't us.  That big black cat came in through the window and then he went and  .... 

Polly: Do you believe what she's saying?

Penny: Nah, she's just trying to scare us?

Polly: I believe her (gulp).

Rabbit? Squirrel? Wild Pig? C@t? Treats?

If we keep staring at her do you think she'll drop something?

The perfect day - Siesta by the pool and with the Mediterranean for a backdrop ....  what more could you ask for?

Don't look now, but I think someone is watching us

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