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Penny and Polly were my siamese twins (not literally!)  but despite this I think that each one merits their own page.  

On the other hand, I don't have many photos where they ARE on their own!

Bonjour, I am Polly.

When these people turned up with Penny I was so scared of them. In fact I was scared of everybody and I still am scared of lots of things. They kept looking at me and calling me over but I stayed well out of the way, hiding behind my friend Venice, a German Shepherd. She was a scaredy-cat too so I suppose I felt safe with her. She was much bigger than me and I thought she would protect me. 


I had known Penny before because I had been living here for about a year.  My previous owners were not very kind to me at all. I was always being told off. I could never do anything right. I got shouted at and hit all the time. In the end they brought me here.  I was okay here as long as nobody came and bothered me. Anyway, when these people put a collar and lead on me and dragged me to the car I was very worried. Where on earth was I going?  In the car I chatted with Penny and she reassured me that these people were nice and that I was going to a new home, which she was sure I would like. We’ll see.

I was very wary.  When we woke up the first morning my new mum kept calling me to her but I would not go. Penny may have confidence in them but I wasn’t so sure.  The lady kept trying to put the collar and lead on me but I was not having that.  We chassed around the table for ages and in the end she caught me.  She was okay, she didn’t hit me. Maybe she wasn’t so bad after all.

I soon got used to my new home.  It is great and I have a wonderful big sis in Penny.  We snuggle together all the time and we play a lot, too. I have met Mirabelle, who comes to stay occasionally and we also go and stay with other friends, Noah and Nabab.  They have a big house with a garden and an enormous water bowl in the garden (that’s a swimming pool, Polly, NOT for drinking out of). I love that big house with the garden, maybe one day we can live there forever.

I am much more relaxed now, but I still have a few problems.  I have to sleep in a crate at night because sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night and I’d be frightened so I’d go and pee in the dining room. Apparently I sleep walk! The humans have seen me do it! I never got told off, which is good. I also don’t like being watched when I am eating. I’m always afraid of being told off or kicked.  They never do tell me off or kick me, but all the same I’m wary.


Sometimes we go back to visit our previous home but we never stay long, we always come home.

This year I went away for my first holiday.  It was great fun running along cold, windy beaches.  I was good as gold but Penny found dead fish, crabs and seagulls!  Na! said I’d tell!

I am not at all like Penny, I do not chase rabbits and birds and I do NOT roll in anything that mum would think unpleasant.  However, I do have a penchant for chickens…. But, there were no chickens within reach on this holiday … maybe next year ?

Mum had fun making a "portrait" of me in Photoshop! Now she can't find the original photo!

Mirabelle came to stay for New Year. At least she's having fun!

OK, it's a photo of both of us, but it's MY beautiful face you can see!

I am in a state of shock!  Penny THINKS I have fleas!!! And mum had the cheek to take a photo?  Hmmmmm...

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