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Finale de Melbourne
à moi l
My ball ?
venus et un copain
Venus with a friend
such a beauty
Sanglier neige
Hunting the wild boar
on survole la lune
and the basset jumped over the moon
séance escalade
high on a hill ....
On y arrivera
The hills are alive ...
Hic !
Chasse AVEC les sangliers
Hunting WITH the wild boar
Bouge pas, j'arrive
I'll get you
Encore les vendanges
It's too much like hard work
Bisous ?
kiss me
doux rêves
sweet dreams
Je crois qu'il pleut
It's raining again...
C'est quoi ça?
They are NOT all ours
Bain de lune?
Moon bathing?
Plus confortable avec une selle
Saddle would've been more comfortable
I'll get there
Qu-est ce que je fais ici?
How do I get down?
On y va?
Shall we go for a dip?
Hide and seek
Wheeeeeee !!!!
What was in the water?
Bonne Annee
Happy New Year
Happy Halloween
We are not scared
Presque' arrivée
Nearly there
Misty, Penny, Polly
and Venus
Photographer: John Faux
T'es pas un peu grand?
Aren't you a bit big?
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