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Despite the fact that Penny and Polly were like siamese twins I have tried to give them a page each! However, finding photos where they are not together is more difficult!

 I am Penny and I am very bossy!  (Did you guess?)

Well, before I arrived here my life was not so good.  I was what you’d call a working girl.  No, I did not chase sheep or run after dead birds, I made babies. 

When my owner had problems I went somewhere else and that was really horrible.  My living conditions were not so good and I had very bad skin problems (just the thought of it makes me itch).  Anyway, one day, some nice people came along and took me home with them.  I was okay there.  There were lots of other bassets and we got on fine. I ate well, had a nice bedroom and I loved sniffing around all the visitors.  I polished up my party trick and I was a winner. I can sit up on my hind legs all by myself. Now I am a proud member of Kaylee’s “Sitters Upper Club”. I also had that “look” that will melt any human being within a five-mile radius.

Anyway, one day this nice lady and gentleman came along to visit and of course I put on my charm. It worked.  They fell hook, line and sinker.  The lady even cried when she left. <sigh> I heard some mutterings about “you can have her in September”.  Of course, I had no idea what that meant.  They had a dog with them, a nice gentle old lady – just like my grandma, I remember. 


When they left I carried on with my life but I knew something was happening. Yes, I had some more babies!  This time it was okay, it was even fun bringing them up. Then, one day, when I was no longer interested in my babies, who comes along but that nice lady who cried.  I was pleased to see her – obviously my party trick had worked wonders on her and she was back for another show.  I obliged.


I did have a surprise.  I found myself with a collar round my neck, attached to a leash and I was being walked to a car.  They then hoisted me into the car next to that nice old girl. I soon found out that her name was Misty.  Well, I was a bit confused.  I know it was my fault for charming these folks but I never expected them to kidnap me!

I must say I liked my new home but it was so different to what I had been used to. The only company I had was Misty.  I soon got attached to her and she tolerated me very well. I’d snuggle up to her and keep her warm.  She had all sort of aches and pains and my warmth helped her keep comfy. We had no garden, so that was a bit boring, but I got to go for long walks in the woods every day. That was great –so many new and different scents every time.  Misty didn’t come for these walks, it was too tiring for her, so I’d have to keep myself company.  From time to time a friend of Misty’s came to stay, Mirabelle. She’s okay.  She turns up now and again, sleeping on our bed, in our chairs. I suppose I can’t grumble – I sleep in her bed, too.

Well, one day when Mirabelle was here, mum was crying a lot and that nasty vetman came to visit.  It’s bad enough having to go to see him, but to have him come into my own home is VERY unpleasant.  I wanted to run and hide but I was curious to see why he was there.  Well, he took no notice of me and went to talk to Misty.  I did not like that, so I went and snuggled up to her in her basket. Mum and the vetman were sitting on the floor with Misty, mum absent-mindedly stroking me.  The vetman stuck a needle in Misty and then he and mum carried Misty away in her blankie.  I never saw Misty again.  I was very sad.  It was a good thing that Mirabelle was there to keep me company.  When Mirabelle left I was even sadder and I went into depression.  It was really no fun being an “only-basset”.  I was used to company.

Time passed and I was no more cheerful so one day we went for a long drive in the car. We went to my previous home.  I was a bit worried.  I was sad but I did not want to leave my new family. Were they going to ‘unkidnap’ me? Despite everything, I enjoyed being ‘kidnapped’. Anyway, the humans chatted away, as humans do, and we spent the night there.  Next day I kept a close eye on them and when I saw them get ready to leave I was there at the door before them to let them know that if they were going, I was going too.  It worked!  I went too.

We did not go home, we went away on holiday.  It was fun, lots of new people to meet and lots of new scents and I discovered that the holiday place was full of rabbits. That kept me very busy, but the humans did not play fair and I never actually managed to catch a rabbit. I caught a pigeon, though. Then another long drive and we were back at my previous home. Oops!  Maybe I shouldn’t have chased those rabbits and caught that pigeon. Or maybe they did not approve of me rolling around in all that delicious smelling stuff all the time.

The next day they were leaving again and there I was ready by the door so they would not forget me.  What a shock I had. They went and put a collar and lead on ANOTHER dog! I was most upset.  They put her in the car and (sigh of relief) they put me in as well!  We set off and I started getting to know my new car-mate. Her name was Polly. She was younger than me and very shy!  Hmmm! Looked like I had a new baby sis. 

We arrived home and she’s been here ever since. We soon became friends and now we always do everything together. She’s great fun to go for walks in the woods with and she’s a good playmate too. I’ll let her tell you her story, but I’m sure she won’t tell it half as well as I would have.

Penny the charmer

Who's who?

I'm mum's princess

The "LOOK" !

I love babies

I'm quite fussy really. I do like my bed made properly. The only way to be sure it's just right is to do it myself!

Here we are with our friends  Nabab and Noah

As you can see Polly and I are glued together as usual!

We adored playing together - here we are on a beach near La Rochelle. If you look closely, you will see that Polly only has ONE paw on the ground !!!

We love going to stay with friends. They are so welcoming - they have these giant water bowls :)

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