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Personally, it doesn't bother me to stay in bed of a morning

Every morning we go to the woods, where we have lots of friends. Here are a few of them: 

Sometimes its great fun going to the woods - like the day we found the bread the hunters had left out for the wild boar ! 

We do know how to have fun together, but it's also nice to go and meet our friends.

Two friends who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge. On the left, Mandy and on the right, Bella.

Mandy was very old.

Bella loved water (like most Golden Retrievers)  - the mud was a plus !!!!!

What do you reckon? Shall we introduce them to our friends?

We even managed to drag Grenadine and Kelly to the woods on a few occasions

This is Angèle. He has a very interesting mistress - her pockets are always full of treats !

This is our friend Bijou. She's Italian. She does not play but she loves chasing rabbits.

Some days we meet no-one, other days ...

In this bundle (apart from Hercule) you have Magic, James, Rocky and Douschka

Here's Marius. He lives literally next door to the woods. Lucky him,  he can come to the woods whenever he likes!  Actually, his cousin, Goa, often goes for walks on his own !

This is Irka's brother. Ira was a great friend of Hercule's but now she is scared of him. Why?  No idea!  

Amber - he's Swiss Portugese. Let me explain, he's a Portuguese water dog and his mistress is Swiss!

Dashing Lars - a handsome guy but a bit of an early bird - too early for us! Unfortunately we don't meet him often. It's a shame because he's a great playmate.  

Hi Lea !  She's scared of me too ! I don't understand, I'm such a friendly guy. But it's true, I do tend to bark a lot.  Maybe they have fragile ears?   

My bestest best friend (after Molly) NOUK. He knows how to play and he's not afraid of me !

We are conspiring to play a joke on Rocky!

Warning from Venus : "Killian is MY friend - paws off" !

This is really a Golden Retriever part of the world ! They are everywhere!  I'm not really sure who this is (maybe James?)

Venus showing Kelly how to negotiate puddles!

Yep - straight through the middle!

Hi Marius, wanna play?

Passing strangers. Nice guy, shame he never came back

George and?

The Three Musketeers: Molly, Mishka, Hercule

Not all of our friends come to the woods. Sometimes we go to see Coburn and Edgar. They have a big garden and sofas to die for ! 

I know you ... but your name escapes me

Here we are again, Rocky and Douschka with their neighbour Basile

Sometimes you could say the FOUR Musketeers - when Lucky comes to join us!

This is our Danish friend, Thor. We can't play with him - if Hercule sat on him he'd be as flat as a pancake! However, he got on like a house on fire with Kelly. Same age, same size!

Our friend Charlie. He's tiny. He has played with us on the odd occasion but we think he's worried that we might flatten him!

This is Jamaïque. She's afraid of Hercule's barking!  He tries to explain to her that he's really quite sweet but she's not convinced!

Cousins of Lassie, but can't remember their names!

This is our new friend, Moody. He's a Swiss GS (all white). He plays well and barks as much as Hercule!  

Charlie, he loves his food ....

Dimple, one of Venus's friends!  Yes, she does have a few!

Lucky and ???  We don't see them often, they go to the woods VERY early !!!

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