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After our trip up north , for our next adventure we decided to go south !  We went to AFRICA !  Okay, that’s a bit of an exagération  - we went to Morocco.  But … it is on the African continent so we are not telling lies !


Saying that it was different would be an understatement !  We saw a LOT of things. Of course, we met some local cats and dogs, but also tons of other animals that we had never met before. : camels (dromaderies), fennec foxés, fossilized tortoises, strange small things (like scarabées, spiders etc), sheep, goats, donkeys, storks, hens and even monkeys !  Luckily, we did not meet any snakes.


Once again, we made the trip in a camper van, but this time it was enormous !  Despite the fact that we had plenty of space we still prefered to travel glued to the gear box ! The humans were not impressed , especially when the had to change gears !  We just wanted to keep an eye on them ! Actually, the roads were not exactly smooth and we found that when we sat at the back, our stomachs would begin to churn and our heads would spin !


We went EVERYWHERE !  Up in the mountains, down by the sea, in the désert and right down South. In the désert it was VERY hot, believe us.  On our last day we stayed in a tent. Not just any tent – it was enormous with bathroom, electricty, running water and AIR-CON !!!!!  It was so hot that we spent ALL day in there with the air-con on HIGH ! Constitutionals took 5 seconds maximum !


When we were in the desert we met some camels. We went to say hello but the humans started to freak.  We were not afraid – we could see they were tied up – hehehehehehehe !!

Penny and Polly "doing" MOROCCO

This is our itinerary

Penny: I can sleep anywhere! 

Shhh!!!  He's preparing our dinner, don't distract him !

Our incredible home

Exploring the desert - wow! there's a lot of sand here!

We're not scared of them!  (They're tied up! Hehehehehehe!!!!

You can meet some weird things around here: fossilized turtles; Fennecs; camels ... and what's that, perched on the camels? Oh yes! Our humans !

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