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Hi, I'm back !!!!   Now, you'll be pleased to read that my  Bassyshoppe page is no longer empty !!!!!  I have been busy making things to sell in profit of our French Basset Rescue organisation, Un Coeur sous l'Oreille.  Sooooo ........ Just click on Bassyshoppe and take a look  and start spending :))))




"Info" is just a bit of background on me.

Feel free to wander around and visit - you can read all about Venus and Hercule, and also follow Misty, Penny and Polly on their travels in "My Bassets". 


"Tails" is where you can read about Penny and Polly's adventures and also poems, basset advice and other odds and ends! 


There is the "Collection" section - all of my basset collectibles that I have accumulated over the years!


I've also added the "Silly Pictures" link : just me having fun with Photoshop !!!!!  


The "Bassyshoppe" occasionally has items that I have in double, so if you are interested you can check it out from time to time to see if there is anything in there, and maybe something that would interest you!


Enjoy the visit 

I'm peeing in the puddle ....

And I'm drinking in the same puddle ...

OK, folks, it's not yet Wimbledon or the US Open so we decided to enter the Aussie Open in Melbourne. Got "Venus" right but unfortunately don't have a "Serena" !!!

Hercule and Venus

We love our walks in the woods every morning.

We have lots of friends to play with.

What are you looking at, Hercule?

I'm waiting for my friend Molly. I'm sure she'll come and play today ...

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