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This was our itinerary

Polly - looking for the Romans

Hey!  There's one !

Vet visit in the Loften Islands

Penny and Polly In North Cape

We go everywhere with our humans – we love car journeys. Sometimes the journeys are VERY long and we meet dogs that woof in different languages. We even took trains and even boats (lots of boats).


A few years ago we went on a very long journey – almost to the North Pole (no, Polly, it was North Cape !) I said « almost », didn’t I ? Anyway, we went by car and we travelled for days and days. We stopped off in Hamburg in the north of Germany and we visited a great park with a river running alongside and we saw lots of strange and wonderful things – german dogs, rabbits, squirrels, tons of ducks, swans and even Romans. Yes, it’s true !

Afterwards, we abandoned our car and continued the journey in a house on wheels (camper van) and we travelled for weeks, going through Denmark, Norway, Lapland, Finland and Sweden.  So many different smells – new smells every day.  In Norway we went on lots of boats and we went all the way up to North Cape. It was VERY cold up there and there was a lot of wind – we didn’t go out much, we were too afraid of being blown away !


Before arriving in North Cape we visited the Lofoten islands. We could have skipped that one !  Norway is a strange country. We had to be vaccinated before we left France, but after being in Norway for 10 days we had to be re-vaccinated ! So, the humans found a Norrwegian veterinarian and took us there.  She was a nice lady, despite the fact that she was a vet ! In the surgery there were dog bowls everywhere – full of delicious treats – lying around for us to try. Very nice.  All in all, I suppose that Norwegians are very friendly and welcoming.

We drove right across Lapland and we almost had a reindeer leg (litterally) but the humans saw it before us and decided to picnic elsewhere !

Needless to say, we stopped off to pay Santa a visit., the real one, of course. Penny was a bit scared in the grotto but once we arrived in Santa’s office she was fine.  It was the first time he had French bassets visiting him and we had our photo taken with him.

Then we drove on down through Finland and stopped off to visit a friend of the humans. She has an English Setter and we visited their home.  He was really very friendly and he lent me his bed (me, Polly) and he slept on the floor.  Now wasn’t that a kind gesture ? A very well brought up boy. (Penny : hmm ! wasn’t it more like because you pinched his bed and he had no choice but to sleep on the floor ?)

A few more boats and a  nickzillion miles in the car and we were home. It’s nice being home and going to the woods to tell all our friends about our adventures. 

Here we are with the REAL Santa Claus

Made it!  North Cape

Weather was lousy and nothing to see!

Oscar, who so kindly lent his basket to Polly !

That's the feast we missed out on!  Snif! Snif!

Rotten humans!

This is NOT the French Riviera!

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