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Since 1992, when my first basset, Misty, arrived, I have been collecting basset "crap" (as I affectionately call it) everything and anything from cards to books, clothing, figurines. You name it, I might have it. 
This page is divided into two sections: "Cards" and "Museum".
In the "Cards" section there are postcards and greetings cards, classified in different themes. If you see the same card in two different places, it's because they fit into both categories. (For example, a black and white card with a hound wearing a hat can be found in the "black and white" section and also in the "hats section".)
In the "Museum" section you will find everything else.
Click on the buttons to navigate on the different pages and if you end up in French, by mistake you can always click on the "English" flag at the top of the page to bring you back to a language you understand. 
 Enjoy the visit !

Click on "Cards" to see my collection of basset cards - post cards and greetings cards. There are commercial cards that I bought (or were given) or cards that were hand-made. 

Click on "Museum" to see the rest of my collection - everything is there ! 

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