This is my card collection. There are over 6500 for the moment !

On this page each picture represents a category of cards. Click on the picture and you will go to the page of that category.  

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The cards are classed by category.  To simplify I've put them in three groups:

1. Commercially sold cards

2. Cards created by friends

3. Daily Drool cards

1.  This is the first group : Commercialized cards.  These are cards that I have bought, or have been given. They are divided into groups of different themes.

Cartes anciennes
Old cards
Noir et Blanc
Black and White
Cartes Postales sans texte
Plain postcards
Cartes postales avec texte
Postcards with text
Cartes de voeux avec texte
Greetings cards with text
Cartes de voeux sans texte
Greetings cards without text
Avec 2 bassets
With 2 bassets
Avec 3 bassets
With 3 bassets
Avec 4 basset ou plus
With 4 or more bassets
Mere et petits
Mum and Pups
Avec des enfants
With children
Avec d'autres races
With other breeds
Avec des fleurs
With flowers
Boire, manger et dynamite
Food, drink and dynamite
Avec lunettes
With glasses
Le basset intello
Learned friends
Les sportifs
Sporting hounds
Dans un panier
In a basket
L'heure du bain
Avec des chats
With cats
Oreilles qui volent
Flapping ears
Un peu d'humour
Caricature bassets
Vacances, plage
On the beach, holidays
En Père Noël
Santa basset
In disguise
Gueule de bois
Chapeaux diver
Miscellaneous hats
Chapeaux de fête
Party hats
Hush Puppy
Associations et refuges
Basset Rescue
Pam Tanzey
Dottie Elliott
Anne Lind
Galerie d'Art
Various artists
Galerie d'Art II
Various artists II
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3.  This is the "Daily Drool" section. I belong to a group of people who adore basset hounds. We are thousands (most membres are in the USA) and we are known as the  "Daily Drool". We all love, own, are owned by,  basset hounds and each year at Christmas there is a Christmas card exchange. There's the short list and the long list. I took part in the long list for several years and here you can see the cards I received during that period: 1999 to 2011.  The principle is that the members who wish to participate inscribe themselves on one of the lists. Then you have to create your card and send it to all the other persons on that list. Each person does the same. It's fun but it can be quite expensive! If you are on the long list and there are 300 participants, it means you have to print 300 cards and POST them !!!  That means buying 300 stamps ! (work it out!)

Daily Drool 1999
Daily Drool 2000
Daily Drool 2001
Daily Drool 2002
Daily Drool 2003
Daily Drool 2004
Daily Drool 2005
Daily Drool 2006
Daily Drool 2007
Daily Drool 2008
Daily Drool 2009
Daily Drool 2010
Daily Drool 2011
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