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Kelly, my first guest - and my adopted daughter !

Then, it was Grenadine who came to stay with me. Here we are soaking up the November sun, on the deck!

And when we arrived home she "adopted" my sofa!

The next "invader" was Billy

He left to go and live with a new sister

Venus's guests

Hi, I’m Venus. When I arrived here I was already 10 years old. I’m sure I did lots of interesting thing before I arrived, but I don’t remember any more !


I was not expected, but  the humans brought me home anyway !  It was Polly’s home. She was sad because her best friend, Penny, had gone to the Bridge so my job was to cheer her up.  She was much older than me and then she went to the Bridge as well, leaving me on my own. It didn’t bother me that much, we hadn’t had time to bond properly. I inherited lots of things from her – beds, treats, collars, leashes etc.  I was one lucky lady !

My first "lodger" was a little bichon. She was really sweet. She had been abandoned in a local supermarket. Someone found her tied to a trolley with a shoe lace! She was only a baby. We looked after her till a home was found for her. She loved me at first sight. She thought I was her mum. I was very kind to her and if the truth be know I was a bit sad to see her go. However, the good news is that she didn't go far - our friends adopted her so I get to see her often. Her name is Kelly.  


Once we went to stay in this super villa with a BIG garden. I enjoyed that. There were c@ts roaming around everywhere. THAT was fun !  I loved barking at them.  We lived in an appartment so it was great at the villa to be able to just wander in and out whenever I liked.


While we were staying at the villa another basset came to stay with us : Grenadine.  She was sweet, much younger than me.  I liked her.  She was staying with us because her owner had had an operation  and could not take her out for walks.  She stayed with us the whole time we were at the villa and she came home with us to our appartment !  I thought she was going to stay with us for ever, but one day her owner came to fetch her !


Then, just as I was settling back in to my « only child » routine ANOTHER basset showed up !  Hey ! What is this place ? A hôtel ? This time it was a boy !  His name was Billy. He was much younger than me, too, and VERY frisky !!!!!  I think he liked me ! I was not overly impressed but after a couple of days he calmed down and I was very relieved.  He only stayed a few days. He was a « rescue » and was staying here until his new family came to collect him.  He went off to live in the vineyards up in Burgundy !  He looked exactly like me and when we checked his family tree, we found that we were disstanty related !!!! It’s a small world !


The next « intruder » was Hercule !  Another youngster ! He stayed here for a few weeks and then went off to his new home.  <sigh of relief>  I was back to my usual routine – ALL the beds were mine, ALL the food was mine, ALL the treats were mine, and leisurely walks in the woods every morning.  Life was good.


We then went on a LONG trip and <horror> who did we bump into ? Hercule !  Things had not worked out with his new family and he was back in rescue.  I was very polite, said « Hi » « Nice seeing you again» and got in the car to go home.  End of story.   NOT !!! Hercule got in the car alongside me and HE CAME HOME WITH US !!!!!


He was ok, well-behaved – no complaints there. I presumed he would be staying till his new family came to collect him.  I’m still waiting ….  Now I find out that he’s going nowhere !  He’s here to stay !  I do like him, really, and he likes me too, so I suppose it’s not such a big deal after all.

And finally the one that went away and came back!

My permanent "brother", Hercule !

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